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Our Journey To Build An Equitable Organization

In 2016, when we embarked on our journey to provide therapeutic mentoring services to students in The Bronx, we knew what was important to us – that students would have access to opportunities for healing and exploration. As three organizational leaders who are white, and who were creating a program that would ultimately serve a […]

Family Success Story: Mentoring In A COVID-19 World

The transition to middle school was not easy for one Arthur Project mentee, Chance. Being on the autism spectrum made a completely new environment overwhelming for Chance. “Chance was really lost when he started middle school. He had to make all new friends, and everything was so different for him,” his mom Cassandra explained. “I […]

For students, mentorship is more than just meetings—it’s a pathway to success

The single most important factor determining the future of a child is the presence of a consistent and caring adult. Just one. At least one. While in some ways disadvantaged by a lack of stability and nurturing early on, children born into violence or poverty often develop ahead-of-their-age resilience, adaptability, self-reliance, and survival skills. It’s […]

Bronx-based Arthur Project program redefines youth mentoring

The Arthur Project, based in The Bronx, has found a way to redefine youth mentoring in this new era. Cofounded by Liz Murray, whose life story was made into a book and Emmy-nominated television film, “Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story,” The Arthur Project uses chronic absenteeism as a basis for program eligibility, provides […]