Make a difference this holiday season.

Your donation today will make a difference to the children involved in the Arthur Project for the rest of their lives.

Institutional barriers, such as racism and poverty, put the youth we serve and their families at a disadvantage. The complex layers of these issues increase the stress that permeates their lives while also reducing their access to healthcare, mental health services, quality education and the opportunity for economic mobility. 

The Arthur Project is committed to positive community change and to creating a more equitable society. By honoring the often challenging journeys the children in the mentoring program have been on in the past, we can create a brighter future. And we invite you to be part of this great change.

Your donation makes a difference

By supporting the Arthur Project, you are supporting future leaders, thinkers & healers in our community.

Provide therapeutic mentoring services to over 200 middle school students

Facilitate over 100+ hours of training and support for our social work mentor interns

Provide up to 500 hours of services each year for each student

Support the expansion of our program into Brooklyn schools