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Become a Middle School Partner

Make an impact in your own school community by partnering with The Arthur Project to provide therapeutic mentoring services to your students.

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Strengthen your community.

Are you a school community member in a district where students and families are historically underserved? Do you have students in your school community who are struggling with academic engagement, mental health and social emotional wellness? Are you looking for a culturally responsive, anti-oppressive approach to supporting young people in your school community?

Collaborative relationships with middle school partners are the foundation of our work at The Arthur Project. In partnership, we can make an impact on the lives of students in your own school community.

You can make a difference.

Strengthen Academic Engagement

Students enrolled in The Arthur Project improve their attendance, achieve higher grades and state scores and enjoy school more.

Nourish Mental Health

Students in The Arthur Project experience improved mental health, including those who experience PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Foster Social Emotional Wellness

Students in The Arthur Project experience better relationships with family, teachers and peers, and show more leadership, dependability and resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer a child to The Arthur Project?

All referrals come through our partner middle schools, meaning a child must be enrolled in one of our partner middle schools. If the student is enrolled in one of our schools, you can visit The Arthur Project office or speak with your guidance counselor.

I work for an elementary school, high school, private school and/or charter school. How do I learn more about having The Arthur Project join our school community?

The Arthur Project programming is specifically designed for middle school students. At this time we currently only partner with public middle schools in New York City.

What costs does a middle school incur while partnering with The Arthur Project?

We recognize that schools in historically underfunded communities cannot afford to support the full cost of our programming. We work with each school to determine a feasible financial arrangement while continuing to fundraise outside of the DOE/school.


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