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Through therapeutic mentoring, our young people experience academic gains, essential life skill development and improvement in mental health and social emotional wellness.

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Research-based Mentoring
Where it Matters

The Arthur Project prepares clinicians-in-training to provide academic, social, emotional and mental health support through an evidence-based, anti-oppressive mentoring model.

Individual Therapeutic Mentoring

Supported by an anti-oppressive framework for therapeutic mentoring, mentors and mentees meet individually 1-2 times per week, during the school day. During individual mentoring sessions, mentors and mentees collaborate to set and achieve goals along our five dimensions: (1) School and Career, (2) Finance, (3) Family, Friends and Relationships, (4) Community and Culture, and (5) Health and Wellness. This individual time is dedicated to healing and exploration and allows the young people space to discuss and process the many emerging issues of middle school.

Small Group Services

Developed around the needs, interests, strengths and capabilities of our mentees, our small after school groups allow the opportunity for healthy socialization with peers and continued opportunities for healing and exploration. Although these groups are designed around the students enrolled in The Arthur Project, they are open to all students in our partner middle schools.

Saturday Community Based Activities

On Saturdays, students and mentors venture out into the community to participate in carefully curated activities that either help the students work toward the goals they have been setting and/or develop essential life skills and/or provide access to opportunities the student might not otherwise be able to participate in. Activities range from museum visits and performances to recreational activities and cultural celebrations. All costs associated with Saturday activities (activity, food and travel) are free of charge to families and allow young people to enjoy the richness of New York City life.

Whole Family Academic Advocacy

The Arthur Project recognizes that true impact can only be made when a child’s family is also supported. In addition to supporting our mentees, we also provide support to their caregivers through our Whole Family Academic Advocacy Program. Mentees and caregivers receive individual and group support to achieve individual and family goals, with a focus on supporting students’ academic engagement and developing social networks. Mentors also partner with parents and guardians in support of their students’ academic goals.

Key differences on The Arthur Project vs other programs

Emerging research in adolescent development guides our innovative approach.

Middle School Focus

With many programs focusing on early childhood and college access, middle schoolers are often left with limited support. The Arthur Project recognizes this critical period for young people and the opportunities to make lasting change during this window of development.

Professional Mentors

As opposed to “traditional” mentoring programs, which utilize untrained, volunteer adults, The Arthur Project utilizes clinicians-in-training to provide structured, holistic support to young people. Middle school students are often navigating many serious issues and deserve professional, dedicated mentors to support them.

Intensity of Program

Most mentoring programs offer approximately 40 hours of service each year. Mentees who are engaged in all aspects of The Arthur PRoject programming can access up to 500 hours of services each year.

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How to Get Involved as a MSW/BSW Student

Our ideal mentors are sensitive to the challenges our students face while also believing in the child’s ability to thrive in the face of these challenges.

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