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Join us in preparing the next generation in becoming strengths-based, anti-oppressive professional social workers.

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Raising the bar of field education.

At The Arthur Project, we are committed to creating a robust field learning experience. Our goals are to simultaneously serve our student population while preparing social work students to become exceptional, strengths-based, anti-oppressive social workers who are equipped to serve clients in a variety of settings.

Social work students at The Arthur Project receive a tremendous amount of individual and group supervision along with ongoing professional development opportunities, all while practicing anti-oppressive clinical skills in a school-based setting.

You can make a difference.

A Trusted Field Placement

In partnering with The Arthur Project, you can trust that your social work students will experience an enriching, challenging field placement that prepares them for the world beyond school.

Support NYC Youth

Students who are placed at The Arthur Project play a critical role in supporting the most vulnerable youth in New York City.

CSWE Competencies

Social work students placed at The Arthur Project will be supported - through individual, group supervision and professional development opportunities - in developing CSWE practice competencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to volunteer to be a mentor. How do I apply?

All mentors are social workers in training. If you are a social work student, please contact your field office to let them know you are interested in being placed at The Arthur Project. If you are not a social work student, we do have other volunteer opportunities – please contact to learn more.

I work for a remote MSW/BSW program and have students who live in New York City. Can our program partner with The Arthur Project?

Yes! We partner with remote social work programs and accept students who live in New York City.

What is the screening process for social work students?

We hold our social work students to high standards. Once candidates are sent to us from schools of social work, they are asked to undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they are prepared and excited to meet the needs of the young people we serve.


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